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Trust Administration upon Death or Incapacity

Successor Trustees Need Legal Guidance

A primary benefit of a properly funded living trust is the avoidance of probate court upon death, as well as upon incapacity. However, it is a common misconception that nothing needs to be done when there is a living trust. This is simply untrue. Nothing needs to be done in court, which saves substantial time and money, but a successor trustee upon death or incapacity still has many legal duties and responsibilities and will generally need legal assistance to properly and completely administer the trust. If a living trust is not properly administered as required by the California Probate Code, the successor trustee could potentially be held in breach of trust, which could result in removal and/or personal liability of the successor trustee. Many successor trustees who have attempted to take on the responsibilities of trust administration without legal counsel have regretted the decision. A wise successor trustee will consult with an attorney experienced in trust administration immediately or as soon as possible after accepting the position.

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