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Power of Attorney

Assistance from an Estate Planning Attorney in Huntington Beach

Legal documents can be created by one individual, who is called the principal, to give another individual, the agent, authority to take specific actions on behalf of the principal. Such a document is called a power of attorney. In estate planning, powers of attorney are often created to allow an agent to act for a principal if the principal becomes incapacitated, which is designed in part to avoid the court conservatorship process. The principal must have capacity at the time the power of attorney is signed, so just like all estate planning documents the power of attorney must be created in advance so it is in place when needed most. To make sure that you establish a lawful power of attorney, speak to our Huntington Beach estate planning lawyer today!

Power of Attorney Explained

Powers of attorney can give your agent broad or limited power. With broad power, your agent has the legal authority to handle virtually all of your finances and legal affairs. Limited powers of attorney can limit the agent's authority to specific actions, such as the selling of your house.

There are many types of power of attorney, and the one you choose can influence various factors of the estate plan. Some of the most general types include:

  • General financial power of attorney
  • Durable financial power of attorney
  • Healthcare power of attorney
  • Limited power of attorney

Searching for an Attorney to Help You with Power of Attorney?

Powers of attorney can be changed and terminated. You can specify a date or life event at which point the power of attorney will go into effect and/or expire. Your financial power of attorney can be established with the help of our Huntington Beach estate planning attorney. As you pursue the creation of your estate plan, keep in mind the necessity of a power of attorney. Contact Sterzer & Associates, A Law Corporation today for assistance from our firm!

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