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Create a Living Trust

Need an Attorney to Help You Make a Trust in Huntington Beach?

Living trusts are arrangements created during the life of an individual or married couple for the purpose of avoiding probate court upon your death and in the event of your incapacity, and can also provide a long-term property management plan for your children or other beneficiaries. For example, inheritance protection trusts can be created inside of your living trust, which are designed to hold each child's inheritance in a separate subtrust that protects the child's inheritance. You will need to appoint a trustee of your living trust to hold the legal title of your property. Generally, you will appoint yourself as Trustee, or you and your spouse if married, and appoint a successor trustee to act upon your death or incapacity, who will manage your property and money as described in your trust document. As trustee of your living trust, you will have complete control over your property while you are alive and well, just as you control it now. It is only upon your death or incapacity that your successor trustee takes over for you and manages the trust according to your instructions, without the need for probate court. If you need to make a living trust in California, speak with the Huntington Beach estate planning attorney from our firm.

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Many individuals choose to secure the assistance of an attorney because they are overwhelmed by the complexity of the estate planning process. Our firm can help you with any concerns and answer any of your questions. At Sterzer & Associates, A Law Corporation, we are committed to educating our clients so that they can enjoy all of the benefits that a living trust offers. You must first create the trust document, where you state who the trustee and successor trustees will be, and which provides your instructions on who will inherit your trust property and how they will inherit it. You will then transfer your property into the name of the initial trustee, which is generally you (both spouses if married). We are here to assist you and make things smooth and simple throughout the entire process!

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In California, the primary benefits of a living trust are to protect your family from the expense and complexity of the probate and conservatorship court processes, and to protect the inheritance you leave to your children and/or other beneficiaries. If you have questions or concerns regarding the creation of a living trust, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you through the process.

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