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Guidelines for Advance Health Care Directives in California

Assistance from Our Huntington Beach Estate Planning Attorney

As individuals begin to grow older, healthcare treatment becomes a more pressing concern. For individuals of all ages, however, an advance health care directive (AHCD) can be established.

If an individual becomes incapacitated and cannot make their own decisions regarding healthcare, an AHCD can give guidance to family, friends, and physicians. An AHCD provides patients with options regarding their agent and healthcare instructions. Speak with our Huntington Beach estate planning attorney today to create an AHCD.

How to Get an Advance Health Care Directive

As you prepare to fill out your AHCD, you can learn what options you have for your future. Our estate planning lawyer can help you appoint a trustworthy healthcare agent and prepare the instructions for your healthcare. Your agent will be given legal authority to make decisions regarding your healthcare by following instructions listed on your AHCD.

Benefits of an Advance Health Care Directive

Many individuals have specific desires for the way they would like to be treated when they can no longer make decisions for themselves. If you would prefer to spend your last few weeks or months in your own home rather than a hospital, then your desire cannot be ignored if included in an AHCD. Your loved ones and physician may be in conflict over what your wishes are if this document is not established. Advance health care directives can give your loved ones peace of mind regarding your future care.

To sum up, advance health care directives can have these advantages:

  • Provides specific instructions about your end-of-life care
  • Removes burden of decision from family members and physicians
  • Reduces conflicts
  • Appoints a dependable individual to make any unspecified choices

Obtain Wise Counsel from an Estate Planning Lawyer in Huntington Beach

As you prepare your estate plan, an AHCD can be extremely beneficial. Contact Sterzer & Associates, A Law Corporation, your Huntington Beach estate planning attorney, today for assistance establishing this document!

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